How do I get my FREE webhosting?

To qualify for the FREE web-hosting you need to have purchased a SHOUTcast or IceCast plan (resellers do not qualify).

1.) First you need to decide on a domain name. (if you have one move to step 2)

-If you need to purchase one please log into your HMC account and click on "domains".

-If you would like to use a free sub-domain it will look something like Let the techs know what you want "yoursite" to be in the ticket.

2.) You will need to put a support ticket in by logging into your HMC account and request your FREE web-hosting be set up with your domain name or our free sub-domain.

3.) After the techs receive all the necessary information we will send out your new account information. (If you have a domain purchased from a domain company other than us you will need to change your nameservers to point to the ones in your new account e-mail)

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