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Amazon Album Covers - How to set them up, get them to display.

You'll need to create a Amazon Affiliate account. https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

After you get your Amazon Affiliate code, Log In to your Centova Cast and choose "Configure Server"

Choose the Start Page tab and enter your code in the field "Amazon® affiliate ID"

You'll find the album covers on your start page, and if you would like to display them on your website, in the Centova Cast, choose the option "Code Snippets", you'll find the code there.

MP3 title/artist is spelled correctly, and is in the Amazon database, it will display the album cover art.

To get the album art to display when you are using auto dj, you need to be signed up with Amazon.  Enter your Amazon ID in the control panel.  You click on "Configure Server", go to the "Start Page" tab and enter it there.  If you are streaming live, then you have to use a broadcaster like Sam that has a option to enter your Amazon ID.  If you have a  website and want it displayed on your website, have to get the code from Amazon to paste on your site and it will be up and running.

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