Streaming Video with NSVtools

Step 1: Setting up capture destination.

Open NSV Tools and select capture destination by entering the "File" menu and choosing "Set Capture Destination", as it shows in the image below:

Step 2: Selecting output.

In the output section select "Shoutcast host".

Step 3: Entering server details.

After you selected the "Shoutcast host" option, you will need to put your Shoutcast server address in the corresponding field. You have the shoutcast address in the setup email that we sent after you ordered the account, and also you have that in your Control panel. Insert the port number and the password in the proper fields. Make sure they correspond with the ones in the Setup E-mail mentioned above. Also you will need to complete the following fields:

- after "icy-name:", put your station address as you want it to appear in the directory.
- after "icy-genre:" put the station genre .
- after "icy-pub:" put "0" if you don't want your station to be listed in the directory and "1" if you don't want that.
- after "icy-url:" put the station address.

Step 4: Configure the encoding options.

Select your stream resolution and audio quality from the encoding options panel.

Step 5: Start streaming.

After you did all the previous steps, you will need to go to "Capture" menu and click on "Start Capture".

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