Nicecast can work with most audio applications on Mac OS X including iTunes. The Plug-In architecture supports sophisticated functionality including live voice-over. Because Nicecast supports Icecast protocols for webcasting, it is compatible with Darwin/QuickTime Streaming Server and also with SHOUTcast servers.

The steps to configure Nicecast to webcast through DSS/QTSS are:

- launch Nicecast.
- display the Nicecast server configuration window by selecting Nicecast Server from the Window menu.

The server window lets you define:

- name for your reference.
- on the server type field select Shoutcast. (Nicecast also support Icecast1 and 2.)
- the IP address or DNS name of the server.
- this is the address on your account page. ("quick links")
- the port number number that you need to put in corresponding field can also be found on the account page.
- the broadcast password.

Nicecast support live voice over providing a method to mix live audio with audio streaming from an application such as iTunes. This capability is accessed from the Effects Window:

Once you have added the Voice Over effect, you can configure the input from the voice over window:

Nicecast also supports archiving. Your webcasts can be saved directly to mp3 files via the Nicecast Archiving window:

All other settings for your webcast can be configured from the Nicecast Broadcast window. When you have everything configured, click the "Start Broadcast" button to start webcasting:

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