Where is the Centova Cast User's Guide?

This tutorial will help you to locate and download the Control Panel User Guide. 

Please click on this link, View User's Guide PDF, to download the User Guide for your new radio station and the control panel.  You will find simple, easy instructions to your control panel and options.


Locating User's Guide from within Control Panel

You can always access this user's guide from within your control panel.

After you log in, you will see on the left the following links under "MANAGEMENT":

* Overview
* Configure Server
* View Current Listeners
* View Statistics
* View Logs
* Server Administrator
* Quick Links
* Code Snippets
* Manage Playlists
* Media Library
* Log Out

From within your control panel, please click on "* Quick Links".  At the very bottom of the page that appears you will see this:


Access the complete documentation for this control panel software:

 View User's Guide (PDF)

Simply click on the "View User's Guide" on that page.

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