Free FTP Backup Storage to a Remote Location

Now included with every dedicated server comes with 100GB of FTP backup storage to a remote location.

To get your free FTP storage please submit a ticket in the client area or email

Upgrade to more storage
250 GB - $10/m
500 GB - $15/m
1,000 GB - $25/m
2,000 GB - $40/m

26th May 2015
New and improved Flash Player for your Website!


Hello Everyone! We are happy to announce that we have a brand new flash player that works with both SHOUTcast and IceCast mp3 streaming! This new flash player is customized with many skins for your website. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT NOW!

17th Jul 2012
Centovacast v2.2.5 update complete.

Centova Cast v2.2.5 is now available to you. This resolves a number of bugs and one security issue. This is a further bug fix release for the v2.2 branch of Centova Cast, which fixes a number of issues in v2.2.4 and introduces a few minor improvements while they finish up on the forthcoming v3.0 release. The following is a complete list of ... Read More »

15th Dec 2011
Video Tutorials

We have some new video tutorials in our knowledge base to some of the most asked questions here at hostingmembercenter. If you can think of anymore we may need send an email to us telling us what you think we're missing and may need.  Enjoy the videos :)

25th Sep 2010

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